What is the balance on your relationship accounts?

The basis for every relationship is trust. Many trusting relationships in the company are the basis for outstanding performance and autonomous action by employees.
Compare trust with a bank account where you can initiate deposits and withdrawals. 
Deposits into arelationship account could be, for example: honest interest, keeping promises, clear communication of expectations and goals. 
Withdrawals from a relationship account could be, for example: to tell lies, selfish or inconsiderate behavior, talking bad about others. 
Negative account balances have fatal consequences for the corporate culture. 
You pay for it directly through high costs caused by fluctuations, unimaginativeness and average performance.
Your added value:
Companies with a culture of trust exploit the full potential of their
Excellent performance, high employee retention and a motivating
working atmosphere are the result. 
Customers and suppliers benefit from innovative solutions and courageous decisions.
1)     What can you do to increase the culture of trust in your company? 
2)     What deposits can you make to the relationship account of an important colleague or employee today?

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